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ThinkLeads™ helps companies identify and acquire profitable panel members to help grow their business as an effective online survey tool. If you are looking to gain new online market research panelists or prospects for your business, we can help through the creation of online customer satisfaction surveys. Our model goes beyond the numbers. We focus on thinking about each client individually. We recognize that acquiring the best panel members is not a one-size-fits-all model. We tailor each project around the exact needs of our clients.

Market Research Panels and Online Surveys as a Marketing Tool

We also recognize that any panel acquisition program is an extension of your brand and we respect that. All of our online market research projects and online survey tools are designed and run with the highest level of honesty, integrity and transparency.

There are many choices today when it comes to acquiring new panelists. Here is how ThinkAction™ delivers a difference to your business:
Ensured Success through dedicated account support that manages your project Continuous Information with our honest, transparent program so you know how we are promoting your panel building program
Return on Investment because you only pay for double opt-in leads that meet your requirements Customized Programs tailored to meet your exact needs
Fresh Prospects Focused Management and Control allow ThinkActionTM to design and host on your behalf
No Up-front Costs since you only pay for results Access to Top Web Properties in the ThinkActionTM affiliate network
Innovative, Fresh Thinking applied to every online panel recruitment program Successful Results, Work with us once and experience the difference we can make to your business’ success.
Call us today at 877-254-6300 or email us at leads@thinkaction.com and get us started today working on finding your next new customer.