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Importance of Customer Feedback Surveys Online:

Online customer feedback surveys are very important to the Market Research industry, to the clients we work with, but most importantly, to each and every consumer throughout the world! The surveys presented to our affiliate’s traffic and the panelists recruited into our various online panels are essentially deciding the fate of future products, services and marketing methods that we all use every day through each customer satisfaction survey online in addition to our online consumer surveys. For example, Toluna provides countless surveys on food products, banking/financial institutions, electronics, household products, never-seen-before movie trailers, beauty products, phone services, tv shows, magazines, etc. All customer feedback surveys online provide each respondent the power to decide which magazine cover will be used on a future publication, what computer product they would like to have see on the market next, what banking service they would like to see, and so on. Toluna also provides online customer feedback surveys where respondents may receive and keep products to test in their own homes. Not only do these items range from cleaning products to the latest must-haves, but each online customer satisfaction survey allows respondents to be the first to try new products and services before they arrive in stores.

Toluna does provide incentives for survey takers to participate in various online customer satisfaction surveys, like sweepstakes entries, points, cash & prizes, but Toluna also tries to bring across the real accomplishment of voicing respondent’s opinions and allowing them to share their thoughts through customer satisfaction surveys online in order to shape the future items we all will see and enjoy daily.

Support for online customer satisfaction survey inquiries:

We understand that issues may come up regarding online surveys. In an effort to help our affiliates in looking into respondent issues regarding our customer feedback surveys online, please note the following requirements needed before requesting further information on specific respondent activities.

What we need in order to process respondent survey issues :
  1. The URL in which the customer satisfaction survey online was started from
  2. Screenshots from each error page. We will need to clearly see the URL and the exact date and time of the error the respondent received in the lower right corner (please include time zone information as well)
    • If the respondent cannot provide the needed screenshots, then we need to know the exact date and time of the error they faced (ideally if they are seeing it today) and the time zone they are trying to participate in so we can translate it to EST and be able to look in the back office logs for it.
  3. Affiliate CD number the online customer feedback survey was taken through
  4. Respondent IP address (respondent may use the website www.whatismyip.com to get this information if they do not already know it)
  5. Country respondent was trying to access in
  6. Subid of the respondent if applicable

Once you have these details, please submit your inquiry to support@thinkaction.com. We will respond to you with more details as soon as possible.