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  About ThinkAction

Acquired in 2009 by Toluna (Toluna Delaware Inc.), the ThinkAction Network further expands on its parent company's mission of creating data products – specifically the company’s Real-Time Sampling® respondent source, including effective online survey tools, that help companies just like yours around the world become more profitable by leveraging customer data and advanced online survey technology to comprise the world's most advanced online market research software. Toluna is the world’s largest online market research panel and online survey software provider to the global market research industry.

The ThinkAction Network’s products put it in the position to utilize its online customer survey technology to help companies grow and achieve profitability. The name ThinkAction was selected because it best represents the Toluna goals and purpose. Think represents Toluna’s commitment to developing new, fresh, and innovative ways to approach and solve existing business challenges. Action is defined as something done, as opposed to something said. Success can only be achieved by delivering results.

The ThinkAction Network stands out from the crowd in three key areas:

Commitment to Results
Commitment to Service
Commitment to Quality